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One night, sleepless Yamori Kou slips out of his home to walk the streets of his town. Life after dark is a revelation! Especially when he meets the flirtatious Nanakusa Nazuna... She’s a lot more fun to share the night with than old drunks on park benches. When she invites him to spend the night at her place in an abandoned building, hes stoked! But then he awakens to kisses on his neck with a little too much bite to them...

Now that Yamori knows Nanakusa is a vampire, the question remains—is it just the delicious taste of his blood that makes her meet him night after night for late-night adventures, conversation and...naps? Or something else? Then, when a cute girl from Yamori’s past shows up and competes for his attention, his budding relationship with the undead is truly put to the test!


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